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CMS DataLife Engine

CMS DataLife Engine Features

A short list of features that our content management system provides

Convenience and simplicity

You don’t need programming languages to create a website. Everyone can afford their own website


The security of your sites is our priority. Every effort is made to protect you from threats


The maximum speed of the site and the minimum load on the server, all this is done for your site


A large number of convenient tools for filling your site with a variety of information


Fill your site together with other visitors, and also communicate. Everything is there for this


Your site belongs only to you. You decide where to place it and how much hosting will cost

  • WHEN MANAGING A SITEConvenient control panel
    • Add publications to the site and manage users
    • Manage surveys, votes, and advertising materials
    • Manage templates, meta tags, and send messages
  • FOR SITE VISITORSGreat opportunities for visitors
    • They can also help you publish content
    • Communicate in comments, and through personal messages
    • Set ratings for publications and comments, and vote
  • SOCIAL OPPORTUNITYIntegration with social networks
    • Ability to log in to the site via social networks
    • Ability to share posts on social networks
    • Metatags for social networks

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