mac terminal code
#mac terminal code

mac terminal code

The Terminal is a command-line interface on a Mac computer that allows you to interact with the operating system using text commands. Here are some basic commands that you can use in the Terminal:

  1. ls – Lists the contents of the current directory.
  2. cd – Changes the current working directory.
  3. pwd – Prints the current working directory.
  4. mkdir – Creates a new directory.
  5. rmdir – Deletes an empty directory.
  6. touch – Creates a new file.
  7. rm – Deletes a file.
  8. cp – Copies a file.
  9. mv – Renames or moves a file.
  10. open – Opens a file or directory with the default application.

These are just a few of the many commands that you can use in the Terminal. For more information and to learn advanced techniques, you can refer to online resources and tutorials.

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